A track record of spotting, backing and realising potential in others

Combining two decades of business knowledge with life experience of helping others discover who they are, what makes them special and how they can uniquely contribute to this world.

Before becoming an author and coach, for eighteen years I worked as a Fund Manager and Partner at London based wealth management firm Sarasin & Partners LLP.  The firm's clients included charities, pension funds and wealthy individuals. At the time of my leaving I was responsible for the investment performance of £2 billion of the firm's £14 billion assets under management.

As a coach, workshop facilitator and public speaker I have had the privilege of helping individuals and business owners discover what they are meant to be doing (in life and in business) and how they can find true fulfilment and lasting success.

  • I thrive on making complex concepts simple and helping individuals to focus on the things over which they have the greatest control. 
  • My positive approach to life and its challenges is combined with a calm, empathetic and non-judgemental manner.
  • I aim to do my bit to help the environment and the community I live in with my creativity, enthusiasm and the love of fixing things.

A couple of times a week I teach hula-hoop dance fitness at my local leisure centre. It is a fun, low impact yet highly effective way for people all ages to get fit. I am also a founding trustee of UK registered charity Raindrop Campaign that helps educate children from underprivileged and neglected communities in India.