simple steps to greater workplace happiness

Investing in the wellbeing and happiness of your employees will reap dividends and generate returns like nothing else. 

Watch this video for five simple, inexpensive and highly effective ways towards a happier and more engaged workforce.

happy and engaged employees are key to business success


The workforce of a company is its greatest asset. A happy employee can be up 25% more productive than an unhappy one.

An unhappy workforce not only generates lower revenues, they are a greater cost to the business due to higher absenteeism, sick pay and the cost of finding temporary replacement staff.

  I offer a business package of personal development that is flexible and tailored to your business needs and those of your employees whom I will serve as a coach. This includes personalised coaching sessions and access to workshops designed to help employees communicate more persuasively and deal with change, conflict and criticism


I can help you bridge the the gap between your employees’ personal aspirations and your business goals thereby creating a win-win for both parties.

1) A bespoke package of services tailored to your needs and goals

2) Independence and client confidentiality to protect the best interests of both the business and the employees being coached

3) Non attributable and actionable feedback on what needs to change to achieve the clearly stated outcomes

4) Flexibile options for employees to choose if and how they want to be coached by me

5) Money back guarantee if it can be proved the business gained nothing from investing in my services