Photo Credit: Mike Perl (Flickr Name -Transiently Permanent)

Create Abundance In Your Life

Everything changes the instant you see that money is abundant and your time on this earth is scarce, not the other way around.

The concept of time is complex. The simple fact is that every one of us has a finite amount of it in our lifetime, and that we can never know how much we have left.

Money too is complex in terms of how it is created, disseminated, perceived and ultimately used.  What's clear is that it is a universal tool that is used as an exchange of value for all kinds of goods and services.

Unlike time, money can be earned, replaced and substituted, and most importantly, it is possible to live without it.

Money comes with a lot of baggage in our lives.  Here are five myths around money that need to be busted if you are to create abundance in your life.

Abundance is not about always having plenty of something. To me abundance is knowing that there is plenty out there for me to have when I need it. It's about access, not acquisition.  

What's key is having the currency to acquire the things we need, when we need them.  Usually this boils down to money, but it can also be an exchange of value that is non-monetary, as was in the old barter system.

Our ability to create wealth or non-monetary value is ultimately based on how we're prepared to use our time and other resources.  

Here are some simple steps you could follow:

1) Get clear on what gives you joy, what you're really good at and what your values and non-negotiable beliefs are.

2) This clarity is key to creating boundaries and knowing what to say "yes" or "no" to.  Eliminating the "maybes" is key to making better choices.

3) Make a conscious effort to spend your time in ways that tick at least one of those boxes in point 1. 

4) Sometimes you won't have a choice and may be obliged to spend time on activities that tick none of those boxes.  Get creative.  Find ways to create joy, learning and meaning even in the mundane compulsory tasks in your life.

5) Become mindful of whether or not you are making a difference to the lives of people other than yourself.  Purpose is about more than just you.

6) Remember, money comes in exchange of value you extend to someone else.  Create more value, attract more money into your life.  A lottery win does not count and is even more ephemeral than this theme.

7) Understand that exchange doesn't always happen reciprocally.  This means that our value creation does not always have to be with an ulterior motive of extracting a payment from the person who received the value.  It can be about creating an ecosystem as explained in my video.  Create a nurturing and valuable ecosystem, and the money will flow towards you.

If you can deploy your time in this way on a consistent basis, you will live a life of abundance.  You may find that money becomes the least important part of what abundance means to you.