Find Your Flow Over 90 Days

Starts on 1st May 2021

Become centred, energised and focused 


This programme designed for people with a growth mindset, who take ownership of their own choices and actions, and who are prepared to set aside at least an hour a week for reflection, internalisation and implementation of the suggested action points.


  • Feel more productive and fulfilled
  • Prioritise self-love, self-acceptance and self-care 
  • Discover who you are and how to be YOU
  • Improve your relationships
  • Become resilient and proactive
  • Learn to let go and find your flow-state
  • Become a leader in your life


  • 24 themes sent via email to every few days for you to internalise and personalise
  • Membership of a private Facebook group and WhatsApp group
  • Optional group Zoom sessions to share your insights and experiences
  • Additional resource links
  • Access to me as your guide and mentor

Make possibility, not pain, your catalyst for change

Enrol in GBP

£65 per month over three months

Enrol in EUR

€75 per month over three months

Enrol in USD

$90 per month over three months

What previous participants say about this programme

"The uniqueness of this very effective and interesting programme is best represented through its very name - Find Your Flow.  There's no one-size-fits-all; the onus is on us, the participants.  Thank you Rohini." - Sanat Rao, UK

"Participating in the Find Your Flow programme was a great way to change downtime into a personal investment for now and the future.  Thanks Rohini." - James Cowell, Italy

"This programme has changed my outlook on many things in a very positive way.  Every theme is different, and when thought about deeply made me see the little things in my everyday life in a different light.  In particular the theme The Power of Letting Go helped me let go of negative thoughts, lost friendships and other setbacks that were buried deep in my heart.  It helped me let go of my past and left me feeling light, like a balloon! I was able to put my learnings from this programme into my own life, but also pass them on to my teenage daughter, helping her overcome some of her fears."  - Swapna Karpe, USA

"Thank you Rohini, for leading us through this journey of self-reflection, and as the programme name suggests "finding our own flow", what makes us tick, what makes each of us unique, what holds us back and the self-imposed barriers we can work past." - Akita Somani, UK

"I really loved Rohini's Find Your Flow programme - a fantastic combination of health, spirituality and self discovery - highly recommended and helped me through the Covid madness!" - Lucinda Muschialli, UK

"The program provides you with a toolbox that focuses on different themes: physical, mental and spiritual self care. This gives you the flexibility to pick and choose what you believe is of greatest benefit to you. It allows you to work on yourself at your pace with consistent mentorship from Rohini." - Aditi Sapre, USA

"I highly recommend Rohini’s Find your Flow programme. It’s designed to help manage stresses and strains in a natural, sustainable way. In particular, it provides tools to acknowledge, label and deal with emotions - which helps one to become self aware and to consciously shape one’s management style." - Nainesh Jaisingh, Singapore

"Rohini's detailed mails, the support she provided, and the very practical tips helped me take some concrete steps to change my situation. While the world around us might not change as per our will, but Rohini would certainly help us navigate through life better. Find Your Flow program is about loving and respecting yourself, which in turn gives you renewed energy to take on the world." - Aastha Sneha, India