Rohini Rathour

Coaching: A Simple Guide to Finding Purpose and Fulfilling Potential

Lead a happier, more productive and fulfilled life

Do you feel there is more to your life but don't know what or how to find it?

I can help you 

  • generate a clearer vision of the outcome you want from your life
  • discover how to focus on your strengths, opportunities and the things within you control
  • navigate your blind spots and self-limiting beliefs

You will learn new things about yourself, what you are meant to be doing with your life and how you can uniquely contribute to this world.

Become more confident and gain greater recognition

  • Self-confidence is a by product of competence and self-belief
  • Practise simple techniques that will help you to believe in yourself more and discover what your truly capable of achieving
  • Learn to interact and communicate with others more effectively and persuasively.

Three simple steps to finding your life's purpose


Step 1: Visualise your Ideal Future Life: focus on outcomes.

Step 2: Discover WHO you are and HOW you can uniquely contribute to this world.

Step 3: Do an audit of your current life to discover WHAT needs to change to get to your ideal future life.