Free Preview of Leading Ladies

My book explores the contribution women make to society in their various roles as mothers, carers, career women or entrepreneurs.  It features stories of 32 women who followed their hearts and took courageous decisions to find purpose in their lives. These are ordinary women we can relate to. I learnt many lessons in the narrating of their stories. I made peace with myself in telling my own story alongside theirs. Writing this book both inspired and energised me. It helped me discover my own life's purpose. 

If you have ever felt there was more to your life but just don't know how to find it, this book may help you. Has life dealt you a blow, forcing you to rethink the way you live? Have you wanted to start something new but let the fear of failure hold you back? This book will change the way you view your life and energise you to take that next step with greater confidence.

This is a book of stories, but not a story book. You can read it in the same way you might approach an all you can eat buffet: read the bits that appeal to you and come back to them as often as you like.  You can download the preview and sample chapter that offers a taste of the book's content and my writing style. 

The book is available to purchase on all online book retailers including Amazon's global sites in paperback and e-book format.

You can also buy direct from me and get a personally signed copy by emailing me on

Leading Ladies

Lessons from inspiring true stories

Book Launch - Bromley, Dec 2016

Book Launch - Mumbai, Feb 2017

With my leading ladies in Mumbai

Book launch - Bangalore, Feb 2017

Book signing in Bangalore