Ro's Random Musings

The Secret to Mental Wellbeing

It’s that time of year when mental health is in the spotlight. We are reminded of how anxious we have become as a society. Age appears to be no barrier with young people just as badly afflicted. The feelings of anxiety might have complex roots but can be triggered by small day to day interactions. Anything ranging from a flippant comment on social media, to a non-committal reply to an important email, to stony silence from a significant other or romantic interest can push us into varying depths of anguish, rage or despair.
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The Power of Communication and Connection

On Sunday afternoon on 14th July 2019, just as the Wimbledon Men’s Final was about to begin, our neighbour rang the doorbell to tell us they had our missing cat Bubbles. She’d spent 19 days wandering and lost within a mile’s radius of our home. The ordeal of our beloved pet going missing taught us many lessons. Here are some of the other things we did and learnt along the way:
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Life lessons from water

In mid August I spent three nights last week at a Cooking and Walking retreat in the the Scottish Highlands. It was tonic for the soul. We stayed in a house that overlooked the majestic, shimmering stillness of the Loch Ness. We chanced upon joyful brooks of gushing rivers and streams. We marvelled at the waterfall in the middle of the woods. ​We walked along the man made canals that were dug by hand more than a 100 years ago. I was reminded why I love being around water so much. There is something magical, mystical about water and the way it portrays so many emotions.
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