Nature's capacity to heal is a reminder of what's possible for every one of us. It's a reminder that no matter what external events occur in our lives, we have the capacity to create change and even reinvent ourselves to suit our new reality.  

Never before have we been individually and collectively been given permission to question the status quo and actively create a whole new normal.  

The tragic loss of life and the economic destruction the virus has heaped on us is made bearable by the evidence of Nature healing herself.  I am awestruck at the speed at which decades of manmade destruction is being reversed.  The water in the river Ganges, that only a month or so ago was not fit to bathe in, is now clean enough to drink.  There are many similar stories of cleaner air, marine life returning to seashores and wildlife emerging from hiding, daring to roam whilst humanity stays imprisoned in their homes.

I'm an optimist who's forever looking ahead to what's truly possible. The current crisis, scary as it is, provides us with a real chance for change on a global scale.  I sense a collective shift in consciousness and self-awareness.  

I invite you to take the first step towards a deeper self-inquiry on where you are today, what you really want in life and what you must do to achieve it. 

Book yourself an hour long complime​​ntary coaching conversation with me.  That one conversation may create the shift you need to prepare for the New Normal and show up with a better chance of success.  You can book a time in my diary by using this link.

If you'd rather DIY your way through this journey of self-awareness, you can watch the recordings of my recent webinars.

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Webinar 2Gain Clarity of Who You Are and What You Want

Webinar 3: Strategies to Prepare for the New Normal

Over the past couple of weeks I've been doing a series of conversations about living with lockdown. Every guest has provided a fresh perspective on how they're dealing with it and their vision for the future. 

Here's one with my very talented guest Mridula Kaul whom many women in particular will relate with.  Her infectious enthusiasm and expressive manner will have you captivated.  She's also very funny.

If you enjoy these videos, there will be more where those come from.  You can stay updated on these by subscribing to my YouTube channel.

Stay safe and well.  But also get curious and creative.  The new normal is coming and it will be an exciting ride.