A successful track record of spotting and nurturing potential 

A track record of spotting and nurturing potential in others

About Rohini

Rohini helps create future leaders.  She brings two decades of business knowledge as a professional investor and experience of working with some of the brightest minds and visionary leaders.

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Rohini aims to keep things simple.  Her use of storytelling, metaphors and analogies make interactions with her memorable. 

Before becoming an leadership coach, for eighteen years Rohini worked as a Fund Manager and Partner at a London based wealth management firm Sarasin & Partners LLP whose clients include charities, pension funds and wealthy individuals. At the time of her retirement she was responsible for the investment performance of £2 billion of the firm's then £14 billion assets under management.

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Rohini draws on her own life experience as in immigrant from India, and the challenges she faced in her career 15-20 years ago.

She can help others with similar challenges leapfrog the mistakes she once made saving them time, helping them make faster progress.

As a coach, workshop facilitator, public speaker and author Rohini's had the privilege of helping individuals and business owners to create their own breakthrough towards their personal and professional goals. 

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Rohini is the author of Leading Ladies, a book of true stories of women who found meaning and purpose in their life by following their hearts and being brave.  It is available globally on all online retail platforms. 

  "The best way to predict your future is to create it. Not from the known, but from the unknown."

Dr Joe Dispenza, You Are The Placebo

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