A successful track record of spotting and nurturing potential 

A track record of helping leaders    create breakthroughs

About Rohini

Rohini helps leaders become more self-aware, deepen self-belief and exercise self-control in all their choices and actions.  She brings to her coaching two decades of business knowledge as a professional investor and her experience of working with some of the brightest minds and visionary leaders.

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Rohini is a master at making complex things simple. Use of visual cues, stories, metaphors and analogies make interactions with her impactful and memorable.

Before becoming an leadership coach, Rohini spent two decades in finance, as Fund Manager and Partner at a London based wealth management firm whose clients include charities, pension funds and wealthy individuals. At the time of her early retirement she was responsible for the investment performance of £2 billion of the firm's then £14 billion assets under management.

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All consistently successful businesses have one thing in common.  

They engage with their stakeholders, especially their employees in a constructive & collaborative manner .

Rohini helps create leaders who enlist their team into their vision and empower them to turn it to reality.

As a coach, mentor, workshop facilitator, public speaker and author Rohini has helped individuals and business owners to  create their own breakthrough

She has an Accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching with Animas Centre for Coaching

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Rohini's superpower is the calming energy she brings to all her interactions.  She will put you at ease and create a space that is free flowing and free from judgement.

You will leave with insights that will change how you view yourself and your place in the world.

  What stops us achieving greatness is not our limitations.

It's not discovering what we're truly capable of. 

What's truly possible for you?