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Book Cover: Leading Ladies

About this book

Has life dealt you a blow, encouraging you to rethink how you live? Have you wanted to start something new but let the fog of uncertainty and fear of failure hold you back? Do you want to be inspired by women not that different from you who have found fulfilment in their own unique way?

This book explores the role women play in society: as mothers and carers, career women, entrepreneurs and philanthropists. We've become conditioned to linking success with money and status. Much of what women do in their roles as homemakers, mothers and carers is unacknowledged, unappreciated and undervalued.

Women's empowerment isn't only about gender equality and opportunities to be heard. Women feel empowered when we accept that they already make a gigantic contribution to our lives and to our communities. When a woman believes in herself and is supported, she is unstoppable.  

You will read stories of ordinary, relatable women who followed their hearts to create the change they wanted in their lives. Their stories of resilience, compassion and courage tell us that it is never too late to discover who we really are and what we're meant to become. You may see yourself in some of these women, and you may look at your own life through the prism of their experiences.

But this is not just a book of stories! This is a jargon-free guide for anyone looking to turn a passion into a vocation, to start their own business or as a solo entrepreneur looking to be financially independent whilst caring for her family, or to make a difference in the community through philanthropy.

This book will change the way you view your life and energise you to take the next step with greater confidence.

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