Picture Credit: Cleverpix, Pixabay

Today I'm sharing with you something I put together for my children, to help them deal with the curve balls life will inevitably lob their way.

No matter how grown up or responsible you are, there will be moments when you feel like a helpless bystander in an out-of-control world. 

Resilience is about learning to stay grounded and centred.  But it's also about knowing when to bend with the wind, or go with the flow.

Here are seven things that could change your life and make you stronger:

1) Focus on today. Yesterday and tomorrow are simply a matter of time.

2) Embrace change. You never know what amazing things await you.

3) Focus on things you can control. Other people's happiness is not one of them.

4) Take calculated risks. This means having a good understanding of the reward vs. the risk, and investment vs. spending.

5) Be patient but proactive. Don't expect immediate results.

6) Learn from your mistakes and from those made by others around you. Failure will be one of your greatest teachers.

7) Compare yourself to no one. You are unique, as is every one else on the planet.

You’re amazing.  Believe it, no matter what anyone else says.