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Purpose: To help professional working men and women gain greater recognition in their workplace

Outcome: Greater happiness in the workplace with significantly improved chances of a promotion and pay rise 


  • Greater confidence 
  • Improved communication skills
  • Better interactions with colleagues and clients
  • A healthier money mindset


  • Personalised coaching (1-1)
  • Group coaching, networking and accountability
  • Bespoke workshops and webinars
  • Informal meet-ups
  • Your own number one personal champion (me!)
  • Unlimited access via email or text to me

Value proposition:

  • Self Discovery
  • Persuasive Communication (written and spoken) 
  • Email Mastery and Meeting Etiquette
  • Collaboration and Networking
  • Money Mindset
  • Dealing with Confrontation, Conflict and Criticism

Price tag: £2,000 

Programme fee refund offered if you don't succeed (terms and conditions apply).

Email me on to find out more.  

You are advised to first arrange a free call with me to check if this programme is right for you.



Career breakthroughs happen when you focus on how you can contribute to your workplace and make a difference. 

September is often a time for reflecting on your career before that year-end pay and performance review. 

  • You want to increase your chances of earning a decent pay rise and get that role with more responsibility.
  • You want to feel happier and more engaged in the workplace.
  • You want to feel appreciated and valued in your professional and personal life.
  • You understand the true value of time and how it is far more precious than money.

But first you may want help to overcome the following obstacles. 

You are highly competent but sometimes lack self-belief.

You find feedback difficult to take, especially if there is even a hint of criticism.

You hope and expect people in power will read your mind and give you the things you think you deserve. But they rarely do.

You are not alone. Even the most successful people sometimes face bottlenecks and blindspots that limit their progress.

At this workshop you will gain greater CLARITY on what makes you unique and how you are meant to contribute to this world.

It could be the first crucial step towards an exponential career breakthrough, not just incremental advancement. 

Places available on Saturday 1st Sep and 8th Sep at 9.30am to 12.30pm and 2pm to 5pm.

The link below is for one of the four available sessions. You can search Eventbrite for  the session that suits you best.

Testimonial from Coaching Client Lauren Miller

Lauren wanted help with her pay and performance review. We focused on making her more self-aware, feel more confident about her abilities and the value she brings to the organisation she that employs her.  She also worked on her interactions with others in the workplace and how she communicated with them.

coaching client feeback

Robbie Fay, UK Civil Service Professional

I have always been dedicated to personal and professional development. I began my professional career only a few years ago. With everything being new, learning opportunities were plentiful. While this sustained me for a couple of years, I began to feel I was putting a lot more effort in for little reward in terms of development.

What struck me about Rohini's message was that opportunity was all around.  It was simply a case of adjusting my approach. Working with Rohini, I was able to figure out what it is I do best and how to use these inherent skills to advance my career using a more nuanced approach than just 'working-hard'. As a result, my working day has become far more rewarding - in utilising Rohini's approach I've learned to use every interaction as an opportunity for growth.

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More Testimonials from Clients & Workshop attendees

"I attended one of Rohini's half-day workshops on fulfilling your potential in 2017. It was a wonderful experience, combining traditional teaching and inspirational speakers with opportunities for experiential leaning. Rohini has all the common sense and technique you would expect from someone with a corporate background, but manages to combine it with genuine warmth and empathy; you can really feel her desire for you to succeed. I highly recommend Rohini for helping to achieve clarity and set meaningful goals, and I look forward to working with her again in the future."

Susannah Alexander, Health & Wellness Coach - Nutrition with Susannah

"Attending Rohini's workshop was a hugely rewarding experience and I recommend it to anyone ready and willing to make changes in their life for the better. As Ro highlights, attending the workshop will not change your life in itself, but you will be equipped with the tools required to make those changes - it will be up to you to use them. The time literally flew by, helped in part by the varied and interesting programme Ro had designed and delivered at an energising pace. I came away with a renewed sense of purpose and desire to make every second count. Thanks Rohini!" 

Robbie Fay, Policy Officer - DFID

"As a business owner, still somewhat in it's infancy I was kind of blowing around in the wind trying to find my way. I was in the process of re-branding and changing direction and it has been hugely helpful to have someone to sound off ideas too but also to provide a different perspective and be a positive voice on my shoulder when I have doubted myself.

My sessions with Rohini, left me feeling empowered and with a feeling of 'I can', which I was then able to put into action. Like anything, to get the best results, there needs to be action but it is of huge value to have someone to support you and know that they genuinely want you to succeed and that I think is what made my experience with Rohini so worthwhile, as I felt that she honestly wanted me to do well. Not for her business as a coach but as another person who wants the best for you.

Rohini is very easy to talk to and makes you feel very relaxed, so it is not like you are taking a test. I am very excited for the next chapter of my business and know where I want to be with it."

Jo Darko, Web Designer - JD Assist 

" Thank you for inviting me to the seminar yesterday. I unfairly left feedback as good when it was excellent and I apologise for that. I got a huge amount from it although I wasn't able to process it all at the time and it was only whilst journaling this morning that it all came out. The single biggest reason I went on a recent Strategy Intensive course was to find my purpose and it did put me on this path (especially with regard to business) but yesterday's exercise cemented that purpose for me and now I have something solid and inspiring to work with."

Dwight Brown, Entrepreneur - Action 1 Property

"I am the Co-Founder of The Ganga Trust and The Spinal Foundation, India – both organisations working for persons with spinal cord injury, but significantly different mandates.

We are in the process of scaling up the work of The Ganga Trust, which was started in 2009. 2016 and 2017 were extremely challenging years with multiple major initiatives on the drawing board. And the second half of 2017 was also not as great for me from a health perspective.

Rohini meticulously spend high quality time in helping me wade though this phase.

Most importantly, she was responsible for getting me back to being the person with diverse interests that I used to be. In my focus on working to support persons with spinal cord injury, I had lost most of myself as an individual with barely any quality time with friends and family.

Rohini changed all that in three months. Vacation, music, sports, partying, family and friends, to name a few – they are all back in place.

The changes have been so good that it has left me better at the work of The Ganga Trust and The Spinal Foundation. 

Behind the veneer of gentleness, she is tough, and yeah, she has drilled process and documentation, my bête noire, into my head. 

And what is best, all this work together happened in the course of what seemed to be friendly, light-hearted banter. We will continue on what I sure will be an enriching journey for many, many years ahead."

S Vaidyanathan, Co Founder - The Ganga Trust & The Spinal Foundation, India

"Having attended two of Rohini’s workshops I have to say they are truly insightful.  She is a lovely speaker who brings real life anecdotes and interactions to the discussion and makes it very interesting . Her exercises during the session are engaging and help bring your own qualities,values and strengths to the forefront and encourage you to then build on them. Both sessions have been an absolute pleasure to attend and if you are wanting to learn about yourself, learn from people around you and be inspired, don’t think twice about attending." 

Meghna Kapadiya, Former Dentist & Mum

"Today's workshop was well put together and balanced. Personable delivery, great structure - lots of information but no brain overload! Interesting bite-size speaker presentations: based on real life learning. Very inspirational and from the heart. Energising atmosphere - would highly recommend."

Anna Mendonça