Rohini Rathour

Leadership Coach & Mentor

Helping visionary CXOs lead courageously 

Rohini Rathour

Leadership Coach & Mentor

Helping visionary CXOs lead courageously

Helping businesses create consistent profits through extraordinary leadership

 Leaders who lead from the front and leave no one behind create an engaged and motivated workforce

Helping you Find your Flow


Create Your Own Breakthrough

Become Centred.

Gain gain clarity, become more confident in your communication and interactions, and develop greater mental and emotional resilience.

Best Leadership Coach & Mentor 2020 award

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Personal Clients

Invest in your most important asset, YOU, so you become more self-aware, deepen self-belief and exercise greater self-control.  

corporate clients

Invest in your C-Suite executives so they become centred, leading with courage and a vision that inspires and nurtures future leaders.

Take a big step towards creating the life you want

Client Testimonials

Dr Aditi Sapre: PhD, Biostatistician at Merck

The Find your Flow program was a wonderful experience and I would recommend it for everybody who wants to begin on the journey of self discovery. Rohini is a patient and empathetic guide and gently leads you to find your own path. The program provides you with a toolbox that focuses on different themes: physical, mental and spiritual self care. This gives you the flexibility to pick and choose what you believe is of greatest benefit to you. It allows you to work on yourself at your pace with consistent mentorship from Rohini. 

Nainesh Jaisingh, Founding Partner and CEO, Affirma Capital

I highly recommend Rohini’s Find your Flow programme. It’s designed to help manage stresses and strains in a natural, sustainable way. In particular, it provides tools to acknowledge, label and deal with emotions - which helps one to become self aware and to consciously shape one’s management style.

James Trotman, MSc, Founder, James Trotman Coaching

I worked with Rohini over a number of sessions to look at how best to develop my business. Rohini brought clarity and calmness and allowed me to work out the best way forward for me. her experience and her easy going nature allowed me space to think. I'd gladly work with Rohini again and highly recommend her if you are looking for someone to help you reach your goals.

Sundararajan Rangarajan, Chief Operating Officer, Sampo Rosenlew Oy

Rohini's flexible coaching structure and her willingness to be experimental appealed to me. Rohini has a finely balanced approach of coaching and mentoring, which resulted in wonderful reflective conversations. Through her humble and kind demeanour she is able to create a non-judgmental and open atmosphere ideal for a coaching session. Rohini listens very attentively, asks probing questions and helped me to reflect on development areas through nicely crafted tasks. I engaged with her for a open exploration of coaching and she adapted her coaching structure to help me generate immense value in a short span of time. Rohini's coaching sessions will be a great asset to anyone looking to grow as a person and leader.

Susannah Alexander, Founder, Nutrition with Susannah

I have had the pleasure of working with Rohini on many occasions. She is a wonderful coach and trainer, who combines her considerable expertise with genuine caring and concern for her clients' welfare. She is concerned not just with business success, which she values highly, but making sure that you have a business you love, and which is congruent with your key values. If you are worried about some of the more aggressive forms of coaching, Rohini is wonderfully supportive without in any way being patronising or limiting. On the contrary, she encourages you to understand your potential and fulfil it in every way. Rohini offers a range of programmes for different budgets, so wherever you are in your business she's likely to be accessible to you. I would highly recommend working with her to achieve clarity, and develop a business strategy aligned with your vision. 

Dawn Beeby, Senior Partner Manager, Elavon Europe

Rohini made such an impression on me following a group coaching session arranged by Elavon Europe, so much so, I felt she deserved a recommendation and ***** rating. Ro draws on her personal and corporate experiences and her immense studies, to deliver inspiring, humble and thought-provoking coaching. Her natural calming voice and non-patronising manner, made me feel like I was talking to an Auntie whose wisdom has developed over a lifetime of variety and adventure; a person who genuinely cares for you, for your well-being, for your life goals and helps you to plan the steps you need to succeed.

Vince Stevenson, Speaking Coach to Executives and Entrepreneurs

Rohini is an excellent communicator and motivator. She has high standards and through demonstration expects everybody to climb to a higher level. She's fun and yet demanding. I recommend her to anybody who needs extra support in their personal development.

Rohit Sthalekar, Partner, LMK Law

I participated in Rohini's Group Coaching Programme (Create Your Own Breakthrough) over a 6 month period and immediately felt motivated and passionate about my work. I have been to day courses which are full of good ideas but are soon forgotten. The greatest advantage of Ro's programme is that she mentors you consistently and helps in putting into practice the things that you need - to establish goals, develop strategies, deal with work colleagues and social interaction, time management and money management.  Ro is an exceptionally good listener with an ability to see the issues very quickly and suggest meaningful ways to deal with them. I have no hesitation in recommending her as a life coach and business coach, whatever stage of life you happen to be in.

Video Testimonials

Emma De La Chapelle

Emma is a successful dog walker and dog behaviourist.  She's looking to follow her dream of being a TV presenter, combining it with her love of music and dogs . Here she shares her experience of working with me over a three month period getting 1-1 coaching, and related support to help her believe in herself, be brave and take the necessary steps.  

Jack Ambrose

Jack became a client after attending the Create Your Own Career Breakthrough free event.  He wanted to transition from a career in science to one in which he could use his love of drawing.  He joined my six month group coaching programme.  Alongside the 1-1 and group sessions, he had free access to my webinars and workshops that covered the seven C's to success.  He achieved his goal and now works as a graphic recorder/live scribe illustrator at a global consultancy firm.

Lauren Miller

Lauren was in a job she loved and really wanted to make faster progress in the firm she'd been with for nearly a decade.  She received 1-1 coaching over a period of three months in preparation for a performance and pay review.  She grew in self-confidence, learnt to interact with others more effectively and learnt how to communicate more powerfully.  Her review meeting was a success and she continues to make progress.  

Arjun Rao

Arjun was at University when he attended one of my free workshops.  The insight he gained helped him to see things more clearly and show up to lessons and in social settings in a more purposeful way.  He has since started a new job working for a well known global consultancy firm.

Anna Zygmunt

When we first met Anna was at crossroads unsure what to do next. She'd decided to quit her job because she was deeply unhappy in it.  A couple of coaching conversations on video call with was all it took for her to gain clarity on who she was and what she really wanted from life.  Within weeks she was in her dream job travelling the world living a life that she'd never thought was possible. 

Mathieu Gosselin

Testimonial from a client who was part of a 1-1 coaching programme over three months

"Before I started working with Rohini I had a hard time committing to one single thing and being focused. Rohini helped me gain clarity over what I wanted,  where I wanted to go and what it was that made me, me.

She is a great listener and has fine discernment. She offered me an honest third person's perspective on things.  

Since I started working with her I've had quite a few life events that steered me away from my original goals. But I still achieved significant growth and achieved all, if not more than I expected, albeit in a different area of my life.

I'm very grateful to have had such a supportive force during this journey."