Rohini Rathour

Invest in your most valuable asset (YOU) and stop wasting your most precious resource (TIME)

Rohini Rathour

Develop your most valuable assets and create your ideal future

Helping corporate clients to become consistently profitable by focusing on engagement in the workplace

 Your employees are your most valuable asset and resource. Create an ecosystem designed for long term success by investing in their professional and personal development.

Helping individuals create a breakthrough in their personal and professional life.

You will gain clarity, become more confident in your communication and interactions, and develop greater mental and emotional resilience. I will help you navigate the Seven C's to Success towards becoming a true leader.

My services

Personal Clients

Gain clarity on who you are, what makes you unique and how you can make a meaningful contribution to this world in a way that gives you joy and purpose.  

corporate clients

Discover the excellent returns generated by investing in the personal development of your workforce and creating future leaders in your business .


Lauren Miller

"Thanks to Rohini, I was able to increase my salary substantially and get a promotion"

My employers now take me and my role much more seriously. I've been able to work much smarter as opposed to simply working harder. 

Arjun Rao

"I've learnt to keep aspiring to better things and keep moving forward"

The key lessons that I've learnt have helped me improve my University work, and my social relationships. 

Anna Zygmunt

"Rohini changed my life & helped me believe that anything is possible"

Rohini's encouragement and advice helped me believe in myself and find my dream job.

Mathieu Gosselin

"Rohini helped me gain clarity over what I wanted, where I wanted to go and what it was that made me, me"

"Before I started working with Rohini I had a hard time committing to one single thing and being focused. Rohini helped me gain clarity over what I wanted,  where I wanted to go and what it was that made me, me.

She is a great listener and has fine discernment. She offered me an honest third person's perspective on things.  

Since I started working with her I've had quite a few life events that steered me away from my original goals. But I still achieved significant growth and achieved all, if not more than I expected, albeit in a different area of my life.

I'm very grateful to have had such a supportive force during this journey."