Rohini Rathour

Life, Leadership & Money Coach

Create your abundant life 


One-one Coaching, Interactive Corporate Workshops,

Engaging Student Workshops and Key Note Speaking

Do you feel blocked and weighed down?

Do you procrastinate and lack motivation?

Do you feel anxious when it comes to money?

Leadership Coach & Mentor

Lead with clarity, courage and compassion

Imagine your life is a house

Your house has at least five rooms 
Room 1 - WORK
Room 2: ME-TIME
Room 3: FAMILY

When your life is abundant, every room is a place of harmony, balance and fulfilment 

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If you feel inexplicably drained and weighed down, you may have trapped, unprocessed emotions that you are unaware of. These are often the root cause of disease and discomfort in the body and mind. 

Releasing these, via a non-intrusive and painless process, will help you feel better, lighter and more energised. 

If you feel unproductive and unmotivated, you are not using your time effectively. Time is your most precious use it or lose it resource. It can't be earned, replaced or substituted. Your life depends on it.

An audit of how you spend your time can be illuminating. Create abundance by first gaining clarity of your vision, purpose and goals.  

If you feel conflicted and anxious around money, you may have a mental block that hinders its flow in your life. You may be unaware of the beliefs that affect your ability to earn, spend, save and invest money. 

Discover your money story. Money is energy. Learn strategies for allowing money to flow freely and abundantly in your life.

My coaching modalities and qualifications

Certified Deep Transformational Coach
Certified Emotion Code Practitioner
Personal Finance and Money Mindset Coach
ICF-ACC - Life and Leadership Coach
Enneagram Practitioner

Previous qualifications include FCA registration as investment manager, MBA from IIM-Bangalore and a undergraduate degree in Statistics 

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Nainesh Jaisingh - Founding Partner & CEO Affirma Capital

"I highly recommend Rohini’s Find Your Flow programme. It’s designed to help manage stresses and strains in a natural, sustainable way. In particular, it provides tools to acknowledge, label and deal with emotions - which helps one to become self aware and to consciously shape one’s management style."

Sundararajan Rangarajan, Vice President, Mahindra Group

"Rohini has a finely balanced approach to coaching and mentoring, which resulted in wonderful reflective conversations. She is able to create a non-judgmental and open atmosphere, ideal for a coaching session. She listens very attentively, asks probing questions and helped me to reflect on development areas through nicely crafted tasks. I engaged with her for an open exploration of coaching and she adapted her coaching structure to help me generate immense value in a short span of time".

Susannah Alexander - Founder, Nutrition with Susannah

"I have had the pleasure of working with Rohini on many occasions. She combines her considerable expertise with genuine caring and concern for her clients' welfare. She is concerned not just with business success, which she values highly, but making sure that you have a business you love, and which is congruent with your key values. Rohini is wonderfully supportive without in any way being patronising or limiting. She encourages you to understand your potential and fulfil it in every way. I would highly recommend working with her to achieve clarity, and develop a business strategy aligned with your vision."

Dawn Beeby - Senior Partner Manager, Elavon Europe

" Rohini made such an impression on me following a group coaching session arranged by Elavon Europe, so much so, I felt she deserved a recommendation and five star rating. Ro draws on her personal and corporate experiences and her immense studies, to deliver inspiring, humble and thought-provoking coaching. Her natural calming voice and non-patronising manner, made me feel like I was talking to an Auntie whose wisdom has developed over a lifetime of variety and adventure; a person who genuinely cares for you, for your wellbeing, for your life goals and helps you to plan the steps you need to succeed."

Rohit Sthalekar - Partner, LMK Law

"I participated in Rohini's Create Your Own Breakthrough Coaching Programme over a 6 month period and felt more motivated and passionate about my work. I have been on courses which are full of good ideas but are soon forgotten. The greatest advantage of Ro's programme is that she mentors you consistently and helps in putting into practice the things that you need - to establish goals, develop strategies, deal with work colleagues and social interaction, time management and money management. Ro is an exceptionally good listener with an ability to see the issues very quickly and suggest meaningful ways to deal with them. "

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