Create your ideal future

Upcoming Workshop - 15 Feb 2018, 6pm to 9pm, London SE16

A workshop for business owners and team leaders


Research has shown that a happy employee can up to 40% more productive than an unhappy one. 

It is not just about how much you pay them.

Make Your Customer Feel Valued

Over the 3 hours you will learn how to

  • "sell" without the hard sell
  • earn your customer's trust and loyalty so you get repeat business and recommendations
  • empower your team so they are engaged and productive

Book NOW to invest in a bright future for your business

There is one thing that connects all successful businesses. They understand the importance of making their employees and customers feel valued. 

Early bird price of just £49.

Imagine and create your own ideal future

Feedback from a recent workshop

Fulfil Your Potential Workshop (Sep 2017)

"Attending Rohini's workshop was a hugely rewarding experience and I recommend it to anyone ready and willing to make changes in their life for the better. As Ro highlights, attending the workshop will not change your life in itself, but you will be equipped with the tools required to make those changes - it will be up to you to use them. The time literally flew by, helped in part by the varied and interesting programme Ro had designed and delivered at an energising pace. I came away with a renewed sense of purpose and desire to make every second count. Thanks Rohini!" 

Robbie Fay, Policy Officer, DFID

" Thank you for inviting me to the seminar yesterday. I unfairly left feedback as good when it was excellent and I apologise for that. I got a huge amount from it although I wasn't able to process it all at the time and it was only whilst journaling this morning that it all

came out. The single biggest reason I went on Elliot Kay's (Strategy Intensive) course was to find my purpose and to be fair Elliot did put me on this path (especially with regard to business) but yesterday's exercise cemented that purpose for me and now I have something solid and inspiring to work with."

Dwight Brown, Action 1 Property

"Today's workshop was well put together and balanced. Personable delivery, great structure - lots of information but no brain overload! Interesting bite-size speaker presentations: based on real life learning. Very inspirational and from the heart. Energising atmosphere - would highly recommend. Well done Ro, I really enjoyed this."

Anna Mendonça 

Coaching for Small Business Owners

Your corporate mission

Most entrepreneurs go into business because they love what they do or believe they can do it better alone than within a large corporation. 

You understand that in order to succeed you need to invest in yourself and in your business.

When dream meets reality

When you become a business owner your responsibilities and priorities change.  You now have customers, suppliers, employees, funding partners and other stakeholders to consider. 

A Business or Life Coach can help you see the wood for the trees and hold you accountable to your own goals.

  • Do you remember why you went into business? 

  • Did you follow your dreams and turn your vision into reality? 

  • What bottlenecks are stopping your business getting to its full potential?

  • Are you prepared to help yourself and willing to seek professional help?

Your staff and your customers hold the key to your business success. 

Learn how to keep your employees happy and make your customers feel loved. 


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