Do you want to make an impact and be remembered? 

Do you want to make an impact and be remembered? 

What happens when you work with me.

A highly personalised approach to helping you. 

Through a series of deep conversations and action plans you can expect to see the following results:

1) Become more aware of what makes you unique

2) Effectively express your own personal brand

3) Find your purpose

4) Interact and communicate more persuasively

5) Set goals and take action to achieve them

6) Be held accountable to your goals

7) Take a giant leap towards a more fulfilled life

I can work with you if you:

1) Have the desire to make a difference in this world.

2) Want to help yourself and understand the transformative value you can create by investing in yourself.

3) Recognise that your time is more valuable than money and that it should be the only truly limiting factor in achieving your full potential.

4) Accept that small incremental changes can have an exponential impact.

 5) Are willing commit at least three months to this programme.

Some of the areas I cover:

Self Discovery

Money Mindset

 Persuasive Communication 

Collaboration and Networking

Email Mastery and Meeting Etiquette

 Dealing with Confrontation, Conflict and Criticism

Process & Value to You

This includes: 

o Skype/Zoom/face-face sessions lasting 90 minutes;

o Detailed notes with observations, agreed strategies and tasks for you to complete; 

o Unlimited access to me via email; 

o Discounted or free access to my personal development workshops and webinars. 


I will believe in you every step of the way and hold you accountable to your goals. 


Experience the transformative impact of a deep conversation with me to uncover what you really want from your life and how to get it.

Would you like to see how we can work together?


Lauren Miller

"Thanks to Rohini, I was able to increase my salary substantially and get a promotion"

My employers now take me and my role much more seriously. I've been able to work much smarter as opposed to simply working harder. 

Arjun Rao

"I've learnt to keep aspiring to better things and keep moving forward"

The key lessons that I've learnt have helped me improve my University work, and my social relationships. 

Anna Zygmunt

"Rohini changed my life & helped me believe that anything is possible"

Rohini's encouragement and advice helped me believe in myself and find my dream job.

Mathieu Gosselin

"Rohini helped me gain clarity over what I wanted, where I wanted to go and what it was that made me, me"

"Before I started working with Rohini I had a hard time committing to one single thing and being focused. Rohini helped me gain clarity over what I wanted,  where I wanted to go and what it was that made me, me.

She is a great listener and has fine discernment. She offered me an honest third person's perspective on things.  

Since I started working with her I've had quite a few life events that steered me away from my original goals. But I still achieved significant growth and achieved all, if not more than I expected, albeit in a different area of my life.

I'm very grateful to have had such a supportive force during this journey."