For businesses who recognise the value of an engaged, happy and motivated workforce


For leaders and managers who recognise the importance of happy and engaged employees in creating a growing and thriving business. 


How I can help your business

Rohini offers a package that is flexible and tailored to your business needs and those of your employees whom I will serve as a coach.

This includes a qualitative assessment of your current practices and how they impact productivity, followed by a simple report with observations and recommendations.

Individual employees who choose to work with me will get personalised coaching sessions and access to workshops designed to develop their personal interaction, communications skills  and emotional resilience.

Rohini has designed a service that is intended to help those who want help to become more productive, valuable and validated in the workplace.

What working with me looks like.

A tailored approach to making your business even more successful

 Helping you bridge the the gap between your employees’ personal aspirations and your business goals thereby creating a win-win for both parties.

  • An independent report on what’s working and what’s not when it comes to creating workplace happiness.
  • A bespoke package of services tailored to your business needs and goals.
  • Independence and client confidentiality to protect the best interests of both the business and the employees being coached.
  • Circle
    Non attributable and actionable feedback on what needs to change to achieve the clearly stated outcomes.
  • Circle
    Flexibile options for employees to choose if, when and how they want to be coached by me or one of my afflilates.
  • Circle
    Money back guarantee if it can be proved the business gained nothing from investing in my services despite all parties making every effort as contractually agreed.

You will enjoy working with me if...

1) You have a clear business purpose that goes beyond making money.

2) You recognise that the happiness and wellbeing of your workforce is critical to the long-term success of your business.

3) You want to nurture and retain talent at all levels, not only in the top tier of management.

4) You understand that you have a role to play in creating future leaders from within by focusing on professional and personal development.

5) You accept that this programme requires a collective will and effort to make it a success.

6) You are willing commit time and resource to this programme allowing at least 12 months before judging the results.

My Seven C's to Success and Leadership 









These seven C's form the broad structure of my coaching programme that is tailored to needs of the client and the agreed outcomes.

Process & Value to You

  1. An independent report on what’s working and what’s not when it comes to employee engagement and happiness in the workplace.
  2. Flexible options for 1-1 and group coaching of employees.
  3. In-house and external workshops on topics around time management, money mindset, communication skills and interaction skills.
  4. Coaching around leadership skills for those transitioning from individual contribution to team leadership.
  5. Quarterly two-way feedback on progress of the coaching programme.
  6. Higher productivity and lower costs related to employee turnover and absenteeism.
  7. Measurable positive impact on your business and the morale of those working for you.

Would you like an exploratory conversation?


Emma De La Chapelle

Emma is a successful dog walker and dog behaviourist.  She's looking to follow her dream of being a TV presenter, combining it with her love of music and dogs . Here she shares her experience of working with me over a three month period getting 1-1 coaching, and related support to help her believe in herself, be brave and take the necessary steps.  

Jack Ambrose

Jack became a client after attending the Create Your Own Career Breakthrough free event.  He wanted to transition from a career in science to one in which he could use his love of drawing.  He joined my six month group coaching programme.  Alongside the 1-1 and group sessions, he had free access to my webinars and workshops that covered the seven C's to success.  He achieved his goal and now works as a graphic recorder/live scribe illustrator at a global consultancy firm.

Lauren Miller

Lauren was in a job she loved and really wanted to make faster progress in the firm she'd been with for nearly a decade.  She received 1-1 coaching over a period of three months in preparation for a performance and pay review.  She grew in self-confidence, learnt to interact with others more effectively and learnt how to communicate more powerfully.  Her review meeting was a success and she continues to make progress.  

Arjun Rao

Arjun was at University when he attended one of my free workshops.  The insight he gained helped him to see things more clearly and show up to lessons and in social settings in a more purposeful way.  He has since started a new job working for a well known global consultancy firm.

Anna Zygmunt

When we first meAnna was at crossroads unsure what to do next. She'd decided to quit her job because she was deeply unhappy in it.  A couple of coaching conversations on video call with was all it took for her to gain clarity on who she was and what she really wanted from life.  Within weeks she was in her dream job travelling the world living a life that she'd never thought was possible. 

Mathieu Gosselin

Testimonial from a client who was part of a 1-1 coaching programme over three months

"Before I started working with Rohini I had a hard time committing to one single thing and being focused. Rohini helped me gain clarity over what I wanted,  where I wanted to go and what it was that made me, me.

She is a great listener and has fine discernment. She offered me an honest third person's perspective on things.  

Since I started working with her I've had quite a few life events that steered me away from my original goals. But I still achieved significant growth and achieved all, if not more than I expected, albeit in a different area of my life.

I'm very grateful to have had such a supportive force during this journey."